Visit the National Museum of Korea

As a museumaholic, it is no means to miss the national museum of the country you visited. It is also important to know what is the most competitive collection in that museum. In the National Museum of Korea, the core collection is indeed Goryeo Celadons, the traditional Korean ceramic art that is as famous as Chinese Celadons.

How the Museum Display the Collection

The building inside is symmetric. There is a wide aisle, with exhibition rooms aside. Each room represents a different era of Korean history or a different topic. Audiences are able to understand the development of Korea chronically by visiting each room. The main dynasties, the main exhibition rooms, are three kingdoms of Korea (Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla), Silla, Goryeo, and Joseon. Besides, the second floor contains other collections displayed by different genres.

Goryeo Celadons

I have never seen such an amount of Celadons at once! The abundant collections accumulate inside the room. Compare with the Celadons I have seen in the temporary exhibition of the National Palace Museum—which most of the collections are borrowed by the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka—the display items in Seoul are more casual and generous? It seems like someone is saying: “Hey, I have a lot of this. Let me show you!” Nevertheless, Goryeo Celadons in this museum shows the highest quality. They are extremely vivid, with figures full of imagination.

Another special collection related to Celadons is those found in Épave du Sinan. I believe that why I have the impression that the museum accumulates everything together because they haven’t had time to arrange these new findings at the time.

Delicate Merchandise

Compared with the merchandise of the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, the products in their gift shop is way more delicate. I have bought a package of tiny subtle ceramics. On the other hand, they are not that creative.

You may find more information on their official website.