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Climbing Gyms in Greater Taipei

I categorized the indoor climbing gyms in Taipei and New Taipei city into three groups, based on their focuses. Most of the bouldering oriented gyms are bouldering only.

Bouldering Oriented Climbing Gyms

T-UP Climbing Gym (Wanhua)

5 mins walk from Longshan Temple MRT Station (BL10)
Nearby: Longshan Temple, Bangka Night Market

T-UP is no doubt the leading climbing gym providing the highest standard for this furnished industry in Taiwan. The bouldering routes and facilities are both high quality. It changes route every week in the area base, so climbers will never feel bored here. T-UP might be the only climbing gym with the most qualified and comprehensive bouldering routes (and change frequently). That’s why it is so crowded, as always.

The first floor is the main climbing area. Slab, overhanging and vertical faces are well allocated. The second floor is not always available if they are holding classes. Yet, it is a nice place for stretching, with mats. foam rollers, etc. The third floor is for kids.


12 mins walk from Jiantan MRT Station (R15)
Nearby: Shilin Night Market, National Palace Museum

Compare to other newly established climbing gyms such as T-UP or POGO, Redrock seems a bit age-old. However, it still has qualified routes and facilities. The best part of RedRock is it has various training facilities for climbers, such as campus boards, fingerboards, the moon board, and the pegboard. In addition, Redrock also provides bands, TRX, bars, and rings. Therefore, Redrock is a great place for advanced climbing training.

The walls are only 3 meters tall, which is good for those who are afraid of height; the warm-up and beta videos and app are friendly for beginners. Redrock also has challenging overhang routes for advanced climbers. Overall, this is an excellent gym for climbers at every level. For first-time visitors, please do check the photos in your Google Map, since people always ignore the entrance.

Xinyi Climbing Gym

5 mins walk from Xiangshan MRT Station (R02)
Nearby: Taipei 101, Four Four South Village

A budget small novice gym near Taipei 101 and Xiangshan. Located in CBD, you can imagine that the sports center is relatively small, but the owner did his best in this cramped room. The ticket is economical, which is good for one or two hour’s taste. Located in the sports center, remember to buy the ticket in advance at the counter.

Civic Bouldergym Taipei

12 mins walk from Nangang MRT Station (BL22) and Nangang Railway Station

To be honest, the entrance fee is overpriced. The owner does not change routes frequently enough. For some reason, the owner is notorious in the community. But if you want to practice roof climbing here is probably the best place: It has an easy climbing route. for practice, VB only. It also has different angles of slabs on one single route, which is pretty unique.

Kirin Climbing Gym

6 mins walk from Nangang MRT Station (BL22) and Nangang Railway Station

A small but high quality climbing gym. Maybe as small as Xinyi Climbing Gym.

Mega STONE Climbing Gym

3 mins walk from Touqianzhuang MRT Station (O17)

It is a high quality climbing gym with top roping zone but bouldering is its focus. The route setters have their preference of heavy climbs: climbers need to have power even climbing simple routes. The walk from the MRT station to the gym is scary…not meaning unsafe but you will doubt that if you are on the right track because it looks like meddle of no where. Yes you are!

POGO Bouldering Gym

7 mins walk from Fu Jen University MRT Station (O19)

I haven’t visited this gym yet. But I heard from my community that this is a nice gym.

The Little Rock (Tianmu)

15 mins walk from Zhishan MRT Station (R17)

Just like its name, the climbing holds are small, which is a good place to practice crimps and minuscule footholds. Not a big gym, but it’s enough for a climber.

The Little Rock (Neihu)

10 mins walk from Gangqian MRT Station (BR17)

I haven’t visited yet. It is an unlucky bouldering gym that temporarily closed while opening due to pandemic.

Yonghe Climbing Gym

20 mins walk from Yongan Market MRT Station (O04)
Top Roping, Leading, Bouldering

The gym contains top-roping, leading, and bouldering. It used to serve speed climbing, but the auto belay is removed, so I would not consider it as a speed climbing wall. Yonghe Climbing Gym might be the most economical choice. Nevertheless, the leading wall is insanely difficult. The climbing holds are old school. Merely can you find jugs. The bouldering zone is satisfying but they do not change the route that frequently.

It takes 20 mins walk from the MRT station, but the public bikes are available since the bike stations are located at both terminals. The climbing gym is located inside the sports center. Purchase the ticket at the first floor counter first.

Top Roping Oriented Climbing Gyms

Most of the climbing gyms in this section is not that satisfying. They are alternative choices for climbers to be honest.

Camp4 Climbing Gym (Beitou)

11 mins walk from Shipai MRT Station (R19)
Top Roping, Leading

Not a satisfying gym actually. The killing part here is that it has two roof leading climbing routes.

Camp4 Climbing Gym (Wanhua)

7 mins walk from Beimen MRT Station (G13)

Never been there before.

Y17 Gyms

10 mins walk from NTU Hospital MRT Station (R09)

Y17 gyms adhere to strict rules that only the certified belayers are allowed to visit. The rope is installed, but due to the nature of the overhanging wall, seconding is more common. It has a public bike station in front of the building. Renai Metro Bus is another option since it is close to the bus station.

Neihu Sports Center Climbing Gym

5 mins walk from Gangqian MRT Station (BR17)
Top Roping, Leading, Speed Climbing

Haven’t visited yet.

Nangang Sports Center Climbing Gym

7 mins walk from Songshan MRT Station (G19) / Songshan Railway Station


Leading Oriented Climbing Gyms

T-UP and Yonghe climbing gym are both nice places to practice lead climbing. T-UP Zhonghe is a better choice. Yonghe’s lead climbing routes are too difficult. I introduce Yonghe climbing gym in the bouldering section since I believe that the owner is put more effort into bouldering.

T-UP Climbing Gym (Zhonghe)

8 mins walk from Zhongyuan MRT Station (Y14)
Top Roping, Leading, Speed Climbing
Auto Belay, Weight Training

T-UP is of course the best climbing gym in Taiwan, but the price is the highest as well. It’s worth a day here, from challenging routes and high price perspectives. The core feature here is lead climbing, which is more than 65% of the walls. T-UP Zhonghe also contains top-roping and auto roping with auto-belay. Bouldering is available but more for warm-up. If you are a climber pushing limits, a squat rack and other training gear for climbers are available as well. Unlike the Wanhua branch, it has fewer climbers on the weekends if the weather is good enough. Climbers are more willing to enjoy outdoor climbing in Longdong.

Nothing to eat nearby except the convenience store. If you want to spend a day here, I highly recommend bringing your lunch. The second-floor lounge is a great place to enjoy your food and watch other’s climbs.